Oral Care - China - 2023
Oral Care - China - 2023

“Rising awareness of oral health propelled market growth despite the pandemic, and will continue to drive it in the future. Brands and manufacturers can expand the usage of currently niche products through novel flavours to increase revenue. Moreover, developing professional products can win the affinity of more knowledgeable consumers, such as building in medical background, targeting specific problems (eg yellowing teeth) or groups (eg orthodontic appliance users).”

Tina He, Research Analyst

This Report covers products in the following categories:

Toothpaste – including pastes, gels, polish and powder formats; including sensitive, herbal, whitening and 2-in-1 variants.
Toothbrushes – including standard manual and electric toothbrushes.
Mouthwashes – including medicated and non-medicated mouthwashes and rinses.
Ancillaries – including water/electric flosser, breath spray, teeth strips, dental floss/tape, toothpicks, interdental sticks and denture products (ie cleaners, fixatives and cleaners for orthodontic appliances).

Adults and children are both covered in this Report.