Convenience Stores - China - 2023
Convenience Stores - China - 2023

“Convenience stores are one of the few offline channels that performed well even in the pandemic period. Store numbers have more than doubled in the last five years, especially in lower tier cities. Gaps between major domestic and Japanese brands are narrowing down. Besides unique products, private labels and membership strategies play important roles in differentiation and improving customer loyalty. Most Chinese consumers no longer consider convenience stores only for the purpose of emergency purchases, but for inspiring shopping experiences with practical community-friendly services as well. Adding local identity and IP collaboration also helps to boost brand popularity through in-store engagement and social media communications.”

Frank Zhang, Senior Analyst

This Report looks at the following areas:

Shopping frequency and comparison between before and after COVID-19.
Reasons and Interests and breakdown analysis of shopping behaviour.
Purchase categories and timing including online purchase on-demand.
Brand image and perception of important shopping drivers.
Attitudes towards membership and consumer concerns.
Preferable additional services and opportunities for business expansion.