Fashion Online - UK - 2022
Fashion Online - UK - 2022

“In 2022, while growth in the online fashion market has slowed, the channel continues to capture a significantly greater share (44%) of overall spending on clothing and footwear than pre-pandemic. As consumers cut back on discretionary spending amid the worsening cost-of-living crisis, online fashion sales at value-focused retailers and pureplays will benefit from consumers trading down and hunting for bargains. But there are opportunities for fashion retailers to use their online platforms to drive growth in alternative revenue streams such as second-hand and rental/subscription markets, particularly as a desire to refresh wardrobes on a budget combines with eco-led behaviours. With the rising rates of returns becoming a growing problem for retailers, there is an even greater need for retailers to invest in the latest fit solutions, as well as tapping into the trend for user-generated content such as reviews and shared images, as customer reviews stand out as being the most helpful tool for women when trying to decide what size/fit clothes to buy.”

Tamara Sender Ceron, Associate Director, Fashion Retail

Key issues covered in this Report

How will the cost-of-living squeeze impact the online fashion market?
How the online fashion market grew during COVID-19 and forecasts as the market matures.
How and where people have bought fashion online in the last 12 months and the growth in smartphone purchasing.
Changes in shopping behaviours when buying fashion online in the last year and demand for enhanced deliveries and wider range of products.
What can retailers do to help consumers find the correct size/fit when buying clothes online?
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