Saving and Investing for Children - UK - 2022
Saving and Investing for Children - UK - 2022

“The children’s savings and investment market is set to be impacted heavily by the rising cost of living. Lower-income households, with less disposable income, will struggle to contribute to children’s savings on top of paying out for essentials. Providers should focus on accessibility for all, by removing fees for opening accounts, as well as promoting round-the-change features, to ensure as many consumers as possible can maintain savings habits.”

Jennie Bryans, Financial Services Analyst, June 2022

This Report looks at the following areas:

The impact of the COVID-19 recovery on children’s savings and investments
The impact of the rising cost of living for the children’s savings market
Competitive strategies and launch activity within the market
Who is saving for children, how they manage savings and what products they hold
Important factors involved when choosing a children’s savings provider
Attitudes towards the children’s savings market.
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