June UK Retail Briefing - 2022
June UK Retail Briefing - 2022

“Consumers are actively improving their exercise and fitness levels as COVID-19 inspires numerous trends across the "A combination of inflationary pressures has seen households warned to expect the worst hit to real incomes since comparable records began 30 years ago, with further price hikes expected when the energy cap is next revised in October 2022. Significantly, these pressures will not affect all households equally, with lower-income consumers set to disproportionately suffer, further exacerbating the polarisation of demand seen across home retail since March 2020."

- Stephen Mayles, Research Analyst

This Report looks at the following areas:

Analyst Comment - Uncertainty ahead in the UK DIY Retail sector
An overview of the latest UK Retail sales
Sector focus - Grocery retailing
Highlights of the latest UK Retail trend observations.
Monthly headlines and retail news across the UK
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