Marketing to Gen Z - US - 2022
Marketing to Gen Z - US - 2022

“Whether they are teenagers or young adults, Gen Z are in a transitory phase in their lives, as even the adult members of this generation are not yet fully financially independent of their parents. While also having to deal with the struggles traditionally associated with coming of age, Gen Z are faced with the additional challenges of navigating this period of increased uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and unprecedented inflation. Therefore, the key to connecting with this generation is to help them feel more confident about themselves and their abilities to tackle the road ahead. This not only means accurately and authentically representing them in advertising but also acting as a resource that can provide guidance in areas covering mental and physical wellbeing and finances. Doing so will provide Gen Z with the sense of control that they seek.”

- Klaudia Kondakciu, Consumers and Cultures Analyst

Key issues covered in this Report

Gen Z’s top spending priorities
Gen Z’s personal priorities for the next five years
Shifts in Gen Z’s general priorities since the COVID-19 pandemic
Gen Z’s perceived sense of control over their personal futures
Gen Z shopping preferences
Gen Z’s perception of relatability and representation in marketing