Coffee Shops - UK - 2022
Coffee Shops - UK - 2022

"Older consumers are most likely to prefer to see the price of drinks increase if their favourite coffee shop had to make changes as a result of rising costs, while younger coffee shop consumers are more likely to respond well to alternative measures, such as reducing opening hours and using lower-quality ingredients. Therefore, a tiered pricing strategy that offers low-cost base items, such as a 99p filter coffee, will enable coffee shop operators to cater to cost-conscious consumers, while also keeping the door open for upselling."

- Trish Caddy, Senior Foodservice Analyst, November 2022

This Report will look at the following areas:

The impact of the rising cost of living on the coffee shops market, with a focus on consumers’ decision-making process.
The annual changes in consumers’ coffee shop visiting and purchasing habits.
Coffee drinkers’ preferences when choosing which coffee to buy.
Consumers’ usage and perceptions of key brands including Costa Coffee, Caffè Nero, Starbucks, McDonald’s McCafé and Pret a Manger.