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It is not surprising that pet owners show a higher frequency of using household and cleaning appliances. However, it is surprising that many local brands have launched specific cleaning appliances for pets only. This may indicate that local brands have become more sensitive in grasping the consumption trend, and have enough ability to transfer this insight into actual products.

Although the COVID-19 outbreak had a great impact on home appliance enterprises in the first half of 2020, the pandemic was more positive for air purifiers and vacuum cleaners as these categories are related to people’s health. This explains why health-related products like air purifiers often grow rapidly in such public crises.

For household and cleaning appliances, product specification and regulation are relatively lagging due to the rapid development of the industry. This may be a potential challenge that will affect the development of the industry in the future.

However, it is valuable to pay more attention to the opportunities behind this quick development, especially the needs of specific consumers, with potential for existing products to be subdivided to create new market development space. There is also no doubt that the ‘smart’ function will become popular in the in-home appliances market, while the unattended household and cleaning appliances market may also benefit from the ‘smart’ trend.

Key issues covered in this Report

  • Product ownership and usage in the household and cleaning appliances market

  • What channels consumers select for purchasing household and cleaning appliances

  • How consumers source information for purchasing household and cleaning appliances

  • Key factors in purchasing vacuum cleaners and air purifiers

  • Consumers’ attitudes towards household and cleaning appliances


This Report focuses on consumer attitudes towards household and cleaning appliances, covering the usage and buying behaviours of the following products with household and cleaning appliance claims for cleaning houses and enabling comfortable living situations at home, etc:

  • Vacuum cleaners (such as sweeping robots, cordless vacuum cleaners and electric moppers)

  • Air quality equipment (such as air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers)

  • Garment care (such as irons and clothing steamers)

  • Other products (such as heaters, mite cleaners etc.)


  • Electric fan

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