The dishwashing products market in China saw strong growth under the shadow of the COVID-19 outbreak, as consumers are doing more at-home cooking and have become increasingly concerned about hygiene and cleanliness at home. The market’s growth rate in 2020 has reached 8.4% and Mintel forecasts the market is going to continue to grow at a value CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.2% over 2020-25. The future growth drivers are mainly based on the safety habits among consumers bred by the pandemic. Safety related features such as food grade products, anti-bacterial benefits and no harsh ingredients are worth premiumising as consumers are willing to trade up for safety. Looking ahead, environmentally friendly and sustainability will also become future trends in product innovation.

Key issues covered in this report

  • Behaviour towards dishwashing

  • Usage and dishwashing habits/dishwasher products penetration

  • Features associated with safety in dishwashing products

  • Factors consumers are willing to pay more for

  • Consumers’ attitudes and behaviours towards dishwashing


For the purposes of this Report, Mintel defines dishwashing products as follows:

  • Products formulated for dishwashing by hand, including regular and anti-bacterial variants.

  • Products exclusively formulated for use in automatic dishwashers, including tablets/combination products, powders and liquids.

  • Ancillaries or dishwasher additives including salt, rinse aids and dishwasher cleaners, fresheners and protection products.


  • Dishcloths, sponges, scouring products, washing-up tools and rubber gloves.

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