What you need to know

Gen Zers are true digital natives. Digital technology and technology products are ubiquitous in their lives. For this cohort, technology products are daily essentials. At the same time, due to limited personal income, Gen Zers are hesitant when it comes to consuming new technology products and services, but they also enjoy the many convenient functions of technology and digitalization.

For Gen Z, digital media fills their everyday lives. Whether it in music or digital broadcasting, this generation of young consumers are the receptive audiences for brands. Brands can consider interacting more with this group using digital audio content and meeting their needs for digital learning and entertainment.

Gen Z won’t blindly embrace just any future technological product or visions of a digital society. As a rational generation of consumers, they form their own judgments about things and are willing to pay more for what they think is important.

Covered in this Report

Generation Z is defined differently depending on the brand. In Mintel’s Technology Habits for Gen Z – China January 2020 Report, this consumer group was defined as those who were born from 1995 to 2005. However, the consumer data was based on a sample of 18-24 year olds, which is currently considered the core group for marketers and brands.

In the 2021 Report, Mintel’s consumer research defines Generation Z based on a sample of 2,000 internet users aged 18-25 years old.

This Report covers Gen Z’s screen time, what devices they use, and their attitudes toward current and future social media-related topics. Additionally, this Report explores sub-topics such as podcasts and the music listening habits of the surveyed group.

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