What you need to know

Retail sales of major snack categories experienced steady growth over the past five years, and benefited from increased in-home food consumption in 2020. Over the next five years, the market is forecast to continue a robust growth rate due to consumers’ increasing demand for healthy snack products, expanding snack occasions, and further specialization.

Major brands are targeting specialized demographics, such as children’s snacks, to provide products meeting their special dietary needs. New brands are also entering the market with niche product positioning and redefining the snack categories.

These new products meet consumer demands of snacks that serve multiple purposes, including social, nutrition, and meal supplements. While consumers are increasingly seeking a healthier diet, they are unwilling to compromise on their lifestyle and will be drawn to brands that offer creative and simple eating solutions.

Covered in this Report

This Report looks at consumers’ snacking habits, defined as eating between meals, including but not limited to: salty snacks, biscuit/cookies, chocolate and sugar confectionery, meat snacks, as well as types of foods that are not conventional snack products but have been adopted by consumers as snack options, eg yogurt and fruits or vegetables.

Please note that meat snacks will be discussed in more detail in the upcoming Report, Meat Snacks – China, April 2021.

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