What you need to know

COVID-19 has driven Irish consumers to spend most (if not all) of their evening leisure time at home in 2020 and into 2021 as the lockdown continues to restrict access to night-out activities. This is creating some pent-up demand for a night out, with a restaurant trip being a key post-lockdown activity that consumers have indicated.

Consumers are utilising their extra in-home time to engage in more activities across the board, with a strong level of them noting greater usage of streaming media services – with live TV also seeing strong usage in 2020.

Outside of COVID-19, Irish consumers are shown to be likely to opt for a night-in as a cheaper alternative to a night out. Economic disruption caused by Brexit and COVID-19 could see consumers remain indoors for activities past the point of lockdown ending.

Key issues

  • What impact has COVID-19 had on the night in?

  • What types of activities do Irish consumers participate in? Has COVID-19 influenced these?

  • What long-term impacts is COVID-19 likely to have on the types of night in activities consumers engage in?

  • Will consumers resume their typical night out habits post-COVID-19?

Issues covered in this Report

This Report examines the leisure activities undertaken by Irish consumers during their evenings – both during weekdays and at the weekend – while at home. All activities that are done outside the home (eg visiting the pub, cinema, etc) are not examined in this Report. Activities covered in this Report include:

  • Watching TV/movies both on live TV and streaming services

  • Playing games (including board games and video/PC games)

  • Hosting parties (including dinner parties)

  • Online activities (including shopping for leisure, gambling, etc)

  • Drinking with friends or relatives

  • Spending time with friends or family.

Please note that activities that may be considered to be non-leisure activities are not examined in this Report, such as household chores, exercise, etc.

Please note that a Market Size and Forecast section for this Report is not included. Mintel is currently unable to segment spending solely by night-time usage for many of the categories included in this Report. In some instances, sales/viewership data has been included in the Market Drivers section of this Report.

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