What you need to know

China’s GDP has continued to grow, with a 4.9% year-on-year rise in the third quarter of 2020 according to NBS data. China’s economic recovery has been the top rank of the world following COVID-19. China is the only large economy that has achieved and maintained positive growth after the outbreak.

Mintel’s research shows that, with household income and willingness to spend gradually recovering, discretionary spending is regained. Moreover, premiumization is still on-trend in discretionary spending.

Covered in this report

This is a quarterly report that examines macro-economic circumstances, consumer financial status, and spending confidence in China.

  • How well has China’s economy been performing since the outbreak?

  • How is consumer spending confidence changing since the outbreak and what has changed since Mintel’s Q2 findings?

  • Which consumer segments are being more affected and what is the difference in their financial priorities?

  • What are consumers’ consumption attitudes after the outbreak?

  • What market opportunities and business implications are there for companies to learn from?

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