What you need to know

KOL commerce has been a popular way for brands to promote their products for a while now and, as it has become a particularly notable form of marketing in China, consumers want more connection and trust than ever. This specialist type of promotion is evolving to include more expertise as to product information, purchase channels, and building long term trust.

This Report covers consumers’ preferences towards different types of influencers in the fashion industry, their viewing platforms, viewing frequencies and the content they are interested in. This Report also discusses consumers’ interactive engagements with influencers and how influencers could impact consumers’ fashion purchase consideration. Focusing on the key pain points in the purchase process fashion influencers have the most impact on, this Report provides brands with new perspectives to build effective influencer marketing strategies.

Covered in this Report

Fashion influencers (also ‘key opinion leaders’ or KOLs) refer to people with a powerful influence on other people when purchasing or searching for fashion products, especially through social media.

The Report will focus on how KOLs influence consumers’ purchasing decisions during the shopping journey.

Influencers are defined as celebrities who have a certain amount of authority or fame in one or more areas. Influencers include, but are not limited to, professionals, internet celebrities, grassroots stars, traditional celebrities, live streaming anchors, famous Taobao store owners/daigou, and famous people on social media.

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