What you need to know

During the initial lockdown phase of COVID-19, stay-at-home measures and business closures to limit the spread of COVID-19 halted elective and non-emergency medical services. Healthcare brands and services embraced digital platforms and evolved to answer consumer needs. As COVID-19 persists, adults are adopting new expectations of trust, safety, transparency and adaptability from healthcare brands. Services able to meet shifting demands as well as establish trusting relationships with consumers will thrive as valued partners in health management.

Key issues covered in this Report

  • The impact of COVID-19 on professional healthcare services and personal health management

  • Overview of US healthcare and impact of employment rates on consumer wellbeing

  • Using telehealth to improve communication strategies

  • Alternative healthcare services have opportunity to improve perceptions of cost

  • Brands must prioritize consumer standards of personal health safety


This Report covers the following topics:

  • Consumer trust in the US healthcare system

  • Consumer trust in various healthcare providers and services

  • Credible resources for health management

  • Ideal attributes of a routine health visit

  • Trial and interest in routine healthcare services

  • Attitudes toward the healthcare experience and use of technology in healthcare

COVID-19: market context

Consumer research for this Report was fielded in September 2020 and reflects consumers’ attitudes and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic as restrictions on movement began to ease and businesses began to reopen across the US. The Report was written November 6-12, 2020, when all states were open, but some states began rolling back and reinstating restrictions due to increasing COVID-19 cases.

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