What you need to know

The OTC cold and flu medicine market grew steadily prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and was expected to see faster growth thanks to legislative reform and consumers becoming more sophisticated and keeping healthier lifestyles. However, the unexpected lockdown period and legislation restricting retail sales of OTC cold medicines had a negative impact on sales, especially during the first half-year of 2020. With the pandemic being brought under control and the development of on-demand delivery services, the market is expected to see a mild recovery in 2020-21.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the OTC cold and flu market is expected to see growth owing to legislative reform accelerating the innovation process of medicine companies. In addition, to drive the growth faster, companies need to invest more in product format innovation that caters to consumers’ diverse needs and market communication that delivers key messages of functionality in a way that can better resonate with young consumers.

Key Issues covered in this Report

  • An overview of the trends in the retail OTC cough, cold and flu market in China

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on how consumers treat coughs, colds and flu

  • Popularity of different OTC cold and flu medicine brands and the consideration factors when consumers make their purchase

  • Consumer usage behaviour of emerging on-demand online pharmacy retailing platforms

Report scope

This Report covers the OTC cold and flu market including analgesics/antipyretics and cold, cough and flu medicines.

The market size of the Report includes OTC medicines specialized in cold and flu treatment only. OTC cold and flu medicine for children is included in market sizing but is not discussed in the Report. Analgesics for pains not caused by cold and flu are not included.

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