Colour Cosmetics - UK - 2021
Colour Cosmetics - UK - 2021

“Colour cosmetics has seen significant disengagement largely due to the pandemic, with return to ‘normal life’ boding well for the category as the return of social occasions will impact usage behaviours. Long-term growth will come from aligning with key consumer trends; the increased focus on skincare presents opportunities not just for hybrid formulations but also for makeup brands to work with skincare brands to help consumers understand how to get the most from both. Interest in clean makeup also presents opportunities, particularly as clean is closely associated with environmentally friendly – a trend that brands are already tapping into.”

– Roshida Khanom, Category Director BPC

This Report looks at the following areas:

The impact of COVID-19 on the colour cosmetics market.
The value of individual segments and brand performance in 2020.
Shifts in purchase of colour cosmetics and purchase behaviours in the last 12 months.
Interest and expectations from clean makeup brands.
Important factors when buying makeup.
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