What you need to know

Mintel estimates the market value of breakfast foods (including in-home and out-of-home) will reach RMB1,872 billion by the end of 2020, with a CAGR of 7.0% from 2015-20. China’s breakfast market is still a key market but it also attracts all types of players, with fierce competition from packaged food and drink products, foodservices, and more importantly online and offline retailers. The total market is driven by continuous urbanisation as well as consumers’ rising disposable income level. Digitalization empowers retailers and foodservice operators to provide busy urbanites with efficient breakfast solutions.

Time pressure is the primary reason for skipping breakfast. Though perceptions towards a nutriticious breakfast vary by region, the importance of rich protein is widely recognized. Oatmeal products, especially mixed oatmeal, hold the potential to diversify consumption occasions. In terms of innovation, supportive of gut health remains the top feature capturing consumers’ interest.

Covered in this Report

The Report looks into Chinese consumers’ breakfast habits and spending, both in and out of home.

In home: includes everything people eat for breakfast at home – without the need to either go out of home or order food delivery. In-home breakfast occasions cover cooking from scratch, eating prepared meals and packaged foods and beverages.

Out of home: includes everything people buy out of home or from delivery. Out-of-home breakfast occasions cover buying from retailers (eg convenience stores, supermarkets etc), foodservice operators (eg fast food, coffee houses, bakery stores etc), independent food stores, kiosks and food stalls. Spending on food delivery is also included.

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