What you need to know

The rush to online shopping amid the pandemic is boosting the already solid growth of grocery ecommerce. While some shoppers who went online to minimize the risk of exposure may be eager to get back to the store, many more will hold to shopping habits and preferences formed during the pandemic. In addition, the substantial investments grocery retailers are making in expanded online coverage and added services will make it easier for more shoppers to shift more of their grocery dollars from the store to online. In addition, there are substantial opportunities to make the online grocery shopping experience more engaging.


This Report focuses on all retail channels that sell grocery products online including internet-only retailers as well as the ecommerce operations of traditional supermarkets, warehouse clubs, natural markets, drug stores, dollar stores, convenience stores and specialty food retailers.

Groceries overall are defined as products such as food, beverages, household goods (eg cleaning products, toilet paper, garbage bags) and/or personal care products. The primary focus of research in this Report is food and beverages.

An important companion to this Report is Mintel’s Grocery Retailing: Incl Impact of COVID-19 – US, April 2020, which provides a macro overview of the US grocery market.

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