What you need to know

While the short-term implications of COVID-19’s stay-at-home measures will lead to a sales slowdown in the haircare market, the category is expected to make a full recovery in the longer term given its place as a personal care staple. More generally, haircare product usage is near-universal in Canada, with needs varying considerably by age, gender and ethnic background. Brands will need to understand the specific hair goals of these groups in order to continue to make meaningful connections and products that resonate with consumers in a recessionary environment.

Key issues covered in this Report

  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour and the haircare market

  • How the haircare market will fare post-COVID-19

  • Product usage among key consumer groups

  • Consumer attitudes about their hair and haircare products

  • Consumer interest in haircare innovations

The Report was last updated on June 11, 2020.


For the purposes of this Report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

  • Shampoo, including anti-dandruff formulas and dry shampoo

  • Conditioner, including leave-in and rinse-out products

  • Hairstyling products, including hairspray/spritz, gel, mousse, cream, oil, putty and other texturizers

This Report does not include hair colour or other chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers or keratin straighteners. In addition, this Report covers only the at-home haircare market and does not include salon services.

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