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The babies’ and children’s personal care products, nappies and wipes category continues to see value decline year-on-year, largely due to declining birth rates as well as parents streamlining their routines. The category saw a 4.8% decline in 2019 to reach £657.5 million, however the COVID-19 outbreak will slowdown the decline in 2020 largely due to stockpiling behaviours. The initial weeks of the outbreak saw baby care essentials, particularly nappies and wipes, sell out in supermarkets and whilst buying behaviours will normalise over time, parents are expected to stock up cautiously throughout 2020 particularly if social distancing measures are ongoing.

Eco-conscious behaviours impacted choice of purchase in 2019, with the wipes segment in particular seeing a 7% decline in value. Whilst eco-concerns will take a backseat in the short term, sustainability will become more important longer term and premium eco-ethical brands could command greater spend.

Key Issues covered in this Report

  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour and the Babies’ and Children’s Personal Care Products, Nappies and Wipes market.

  • How the market will fare the post-COVID-19 slowdown.

  • The value of individual segments and brand performance in 2019.

  • Launch activity and consumer interest in innovation.

  • Baby care products purchased, where products were bought and behaviours and attitudes towards them.

Products covered in this Report

For the purposes of this Report, children are defined as under the age of 5. This Report covers the market for babies’ and children’s toiletries and skincare products, nappies and wipes, including:

  • Baby wipes and pre-moistened tissues

  • Shampoo and haircare products

  • Bath, shower and wash products

  • Skincare products such as lotion, powder and oil

  • Oral hygiene products such as toothpastes

  • Suncare products for babies and children

  • Disposable nappies

  • Disposable training nappies/pants

  • Disposable baby wipes aimed exclusively at baby usage.


  • Toiletries, skincare, makeup and fragrances used by children, but which are not specifically targeted at them

  • Cotton wool, facial wipes used when nappy changing and cotton buds

  • Non-disposable terry towelling cloth nappies

  • Disposable nappy liners for use with towelling nappies

  • Incontinence products used by adults

  • All adult-targeted clean-up wipes for removing makeup, moistened toilet tissue and feminine hygiene wipes

  • Toddler/children’s toilet wipes, such as Kandoo toilet wipes

  • Bed protection pads or mats.

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