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Up until the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of Irish consumers had intended to buy a car within the next two years. Despite the huge disruption already caused by the outbreak, this at least suggests a buoyant underlying demand across the island of Ireland and there may be a significant release of pent-up demand once lockdown restrictions end. The inevitable economic slowdown that will follow the lockdown period, though, will hold the market back over the next few years- a major blow to car dealers following the significant decline in new car registrations in recent years.

Friends and family and social media are the main sources Irish consumers are turning to for information when buying a car. This indicates that recommendations from trusted sources are important in this market. Car manufacturers and retailers will therefore need to provide a good ‘on-the-ground’ experience when consumers enter car showrooms to leverage the power of word-of-mouth recommendations during the car-purchasing process.

Key issues covered in this Report

The impact of COVID-19 on the automotive retailing sector on the island of Ireland

The influence of sustainability and environment concerns will have on car purchasing

How the economic environment is impacting car ownership models

The legislative changes that will impact Irish motorists

What are Irish consumers future car purchase intentions and when they are most likely to buy a new car

Report Scope

This Report examines the retailing of cars to private individuals in Ireland, and therefore excludes sales to businesses or operators of company-car fleets. It is exclusively focused on cars, and therefore excludes any discussion of the market for light commercial or other goods vehicles and motorcycles. The retailing of cars takes place through the following distribution channels:

  • Franchised new-car dealers – those under contract to specific car manufacturers or importers

  • Multi-franchise new-car dealers – those with contracts that enable them to sell the products of more than one manufacturer

  • Independents – dealers that sell used vehicles from various manufacturers, some of which specialise in nearly new or pre-registered cars

  • Second-hand dealers – those selling any make of used car, of any age

  • Automotive auctions – these are mainly used by motor dealers to buy their own stock, but some private individuals also purchase cars through auctions.

The Market Size and Forecast section of this Report examines only new car registrations in the automotive retailing sector in NI and RoI and excludes second-hand and used-car sales (as comprehensive data is not available), and commercial or other goods vehicles. The market shares of the top-selling car brands and engine types are also covered in this section.

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