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The nearly $9.5 billion market is expected to grow modestly over the next five years, reaching more than $11 billion by 2024. Performance-centric claims and informative messaging can help set brands apart. However, competition from other functional food and drink options (eg water, BFY snack bars) will challenge the market as wellness-minded consumers focus their attention on finding the best products to help them achieve their goals. Unique ingredients and niche targeting will continue to set sports and performance drinks apart from the rest of the BFY pack.


For the purposes of this Report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

Sports drinks: liquid drinks and drink mixes designed specifically to help people perform and recover better from physical activity (eg Gatorade or Powerade).

Performance drinks: liquid drinks and drink mixes marketed for enhanced sports performance, including both pre/post-workout beverages, and performance protein drinks (eg Muscle Milk, Core Power).

The following are excluded from the scope of this Report:

  • Nutritional protein drinks (eg Boost, Ensure) and dietary supplements (eg SlimFast)

  • Performance-focused energy drinks (eg Bang, Reign)

  • Functional waters

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