What you need to know

The video game industry is establishing itself as part of the broader entertainment industry alongside TV, movies and music. There are as many consumers playing video games as there are following pro sports. And a by-product of this increasing demand in video games is the emergence of esports and video game streaming. Some consumers are now taking time to watch others play video games – either casually or as a part of a formal competition – in the same way they would watch TV.

This Report investigates this type of behaviour – as well as video game consumption overall – in order to better understand it and put it into context within the broader gaming industry. Additionally, this Report looks into the future of video games with a specific focus on the potential for cloud-based gaming. The findings of this Report are based on the results of Mintel’s exclusive research and will help provide insight on an industry that continues to grow and evolve beyond its roots as a niche hobby into a mainstream activity.


This Report covers esports and gaming and uses the following definitions of these terms:

  • Esports: formal, organized competitions using video games.

  • Video game streaming: online video feeds of people playing video games. Can be live or previously recorded.

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