What you need to know

With strict garbage sorting regulations taking effect and increasing exposure of environmental problems in the media, awareness of sustainable packing is rising quickly. However, questions still remain over whether consumers have just developed a sense of moral obligation and how much they would compromise convenience and comfort for eco-friendly efforts.

There is no doubt that efforts in sustainable packaging cannot be made or last long without consumers’ full support. Thus, it is extremely important to make the approach attractive and less compulsory to engage more consumers to take part. Additionally, with both features of a marketing strategy and a CSR activity, marketing sustainability is not a pay-as-you-go plan. Brands need to consider the changing situation of the economy, regional differences, and even emergency issue like COVID-19, when planning their sustainable approaches.

Covered in this report

This Report looks into consumers’ production of packaging waste and the way they deal with it. Beyond waste recycling, people are putting more sustainable efforts into their consumption habits and overall lifestyles to protect the environment. Further analysis is provided on how people think of sustainability and whether they willing to compromise for it. Market drivers and some successful practices give inspiration on what kinds of solutions and campaigns consumers expect and how brands and companies can approach them in the long run.

For the purpose of this Report, Mintel commissioned quantitative research among 3,000 internet users aged 18-49, with monthly household income above RMB6,000 in tier one cities and monthly household income above RMB5,000 in tier two and tier three cities.

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