What you need to know

As the influencer market matures, brands have taken them more seriously as a tool for promotion and collaboration. Trust and authenticity go a long way in establishing relationships between influencers and followers, and brands need to take their time to find the right influencer to disseminate their messages. There’s still a lot of trial and error that goes into influencer relationships, but the most authentic interactions give influencers more control in how to reach the audiences they’ve built.


The term “influencer” can encompass many different personalities and accounts on social media. For the purposes of this Report, an influencer is defined as a person or social media account that has a following beyond their personal network. An influencer can also be referred to as an “internet celebrity.” A “follower” is a social media user who follows influencer accounts.

Analysis from this Report builds off of Internet Influencers – US, February 2019. Readers of this Report may also be interested in Beauty Influencers – US, February 2020 and Gaming Influencers: Why People Watch Gamers – US, April 2020.

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