What you need to know

In today’s health-driven society, commitment to exercise is universal, permitting year-over-year growth of the health and fitness club industry. As a form of exertion, exercise is inherently connected to improving and maintaining physical health. However, benefits outside of physical pursuits, such as mental/emotional wellbeing, are gaining traction as consumers place greater emphasis on multiple aspects of their health. The relationship between fitness and holistic wellness influences how people exercise, where they exercise and their motivations to exercise.


This Report provides an in-depth look at the current exercise market in the US by analyzing exercise and fitness trends, habits, and behaviors.

This report also covers the US market for private/commercial health and fitness clubs. Mintel defines private and commercial health and fitness clubs as those being operated by an individual or a corporate, for-profit organization. Nonprofit health and fitness clubs are defined as those facilities that offer health and fitness memberships to consumers, yet do not profit from these memberships.

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