What you need to know

The Report aims to understand the lifestyle and spending priorities of young families that consist of parents aged 20-39 with children aged 0-6, to discover their awareness and values when it comes to child-rearing. What’s more, this Report also discusses parents’ top choices of extracurricular education and what kind of information they rely on when choosing child-related products or services. Additionally, young parents’ brand awareness also is discussed. By fully understand young parents’ lifestyles and parenting attitudes towards children, the Report provides brands with new perspectives to build effective marketing strategies.

Covered in this report

3,000 parents aged 20-39 with children aged 0-6 were interviewed for this Report, including 1,145 post-90s parents. This Report aims to find out the difference between post-80s and post-90s’ awareness and values in terms of child-rearing and early childhood education.

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