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Impressively, the crisps, savoury snacks and nuts market has continued to experience growth over the past five years despite its maturity. Volume sales increased by 14% over the last five years, while the value of the market rose by 20% to reach £4,350 million in 2019.

The wealth of healthier NPD in this category has undeniably supported growth and helped it to capitalise on consumers’ desire to cut back on sugary snacks. However, taste is still the priority and many consumers still seek out products in this category for an indulgent, flavoursome treat. Ongoing innovation in bold, exciting flavours and new formats has helped to keep these consumers engaged.

The future of the market looks positive, with it likely to continue to benefit from the spotlight on sugar and ongoing health-oriented innovation. Despite the uncertainty around the impact of Brexit, the varied role that these products play – including as a must-have for an evening in, as a meal replacement, as a nutrient top-up and even as a mood booster – will lend the market resilience.

Indeed, volume sales are anticipated to increase by 8% to 510 million kg by 2024, while rising prices are set to grow value sales by 20.1% to reach £5,225 million.

Products covered in this Report

This Report examines the UK retail market for crisps, nuts and other savoury snacks. The market size includes products sold through the retail channel, including:

  • Chips/crisps – fried slices of potato or other vegetables, or fried or dried slices of fruits

  • Nuts

  • Baked snacks – savoury snacks prepared by baking, such as pretzels, baked chips (eg Walkers Baked) and Mini Cheddars

  • Popcorn (excluding that sold in cinemas)

  • Potato- and grain-based snacks includes any products made from small pieces of potato, wheat, rice, corn or other base ingredient, including extruded (eg Hula Hoops); excludes large rice cakes

  • Meat snacks (such as biltong, pork scratchings, snack-sized salami, eg Peperami).

The market size excludes unpackaged products, savoury biscuits/crispbreads/cake bars and nuts specifically marketed for use in cooking/baking. It also excludes sales via catering or foodservice establishments; however, references and comparisons to these sectors may be made where relevant.

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