What you need to know

A heavy spotlight on sugar and the dangers of overconsumption continues to shape Irish consumers’ eating behaviours and diet. However, there also appears to be some disparity between how consumers view themselves and their eating habits, with official statistics revealing obesity rates are on the rise in Ireland.

This represents an ongoing threat to the health of consumers hence why many consumers are calling for the sugar tax levied on soft drinks to be extended to other food and drink categories. However, sugar is not the only ingredient under scrutiny as other harmful ingredients such as salt and fat could be the next products to have a tax applied to them.

Issues covered in this Report

This Report looks at consumers’ attitudes towards and behaviours related to healthy eating, as well as consumers’ behaviours and perceptions when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

By healthy eating, we mean eating a variety of foods that provide the vital nutrients needed to maintain general health. These nutrients include, but are not limited to protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals.

The Report also explores related issues such as healthy eating advice channels explored (for example dietitian or doctor etc) and how consumers view themselves in terms of body type/weight.

Please note that this Report does not include a Market Size and Forecast section due to the unavailability of data on healthy food and drink sales for Ireland.

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