What you need to know

The market value for the construction of schools, universities and hospitals rebounded in 2018 after three consecutive years of decline. The 5% increase in market value was driven by an increase in public sector activity in the health segment.

Building concerns over the quality and safety of the public estate in the education and health segments have incentivised a spurt of action, with regional authorities putting in place long-term funding programmes to restore the condition of the estate.

This has synergised with shifts in contractors’ attitudes, which increasingly display a commitment to sustainable procurement contracts, following the collapse of Carillion, and growing scrutiny over the government’s procurement standards.

Covered in this Report

In this Report the construction market for schools, universities and hospitals is based on the value of new construction orders for schools, colleges, universities and health-related buildings from the public and private sector as identified by the ONS.

The market is segmented into two parts, defined below:

  • Education: construction expenditure on schools (including nurseries), colleges and universities

  • Health: construction expenditure on buildings delivering healthcare, including hospitals, GP practices, community health centres and specialised care facilities.

Mintel has used the following definitions in this report:

  • Estate: all buildings and land owned by an organisation

  • Local authorities: local government.

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