What you need to know

Fragrances are part of Brazilians’ beauty routine, with different ways of using them and various categories of products available. In addition to perfumes and colognes, beauty products such as skincare and haircare items, as well as deodorants, can invest in fragrances as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors and attract the attention of consumers, since the scent is a very important attribute for Brazilians when choosing products in these categories.

Another opportunity is exploring healthy options, both for the consumer and for the environment, by offering “sustainable” fragrances. Furthermore, the search for a scent that is unique indicates that consumers have a great interest in customized fragrances.


This Report covers fragrances for men and women. Market size and forecast data cover men’s and women’s fragrances. Market size is based on all retail sales including direct to consumer. This includes mass, mid-priced and prestige lines and unisex products. Including:

  • Parfum

  • Eau de Parfum

  • Eau de Toilette

  • Eau de Cologne

  • Aftershave

  • Colognes

The following products have been excluded: body sprays, shaving preparations and children’s fragrances.

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