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"Despite the lifestyle differences of teens and adults, Gen Z shoppers demonstrate consistent shopping behavior, with a preference for shopping both online and in stores. It’s crucial to acknowledge that, despite their heavy online engagement and social media integration in their purchase journeys, they aren’t solely shopping in one channel. Engaging with them both on and offline will be critical to engaging with Gen Z, especially as they mature and possess more shopping needs and purchasing power."

Alexis DeSalva, Retail & Apparel Analyst

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“While spending on DIY continues to grow, the big-box retailers continue to decline as they struggle to deal with societal changes that are changing the way people buy home improvement products. Far more people now live in private rented accommodation while 36% of all homeowners are now over the age of 65. In both instances there is a preference to pay someone else to do the work, either because they rely on a landlord, or because they are less capable as a result of advancing age.”

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